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Buying a house from those who build it, today, is easier and safer than ever. The guarantees for those who buy a house from those who build it have increased: with the entry into force of rules that strengthen the protections to prevent the buyer from losing the money advanced and the real estate, buying a house from the construction site increases the already many advantages

Buying a house from the builder, or “fresh” from the construction site, in fact means being able to actually choose the property as we want it. It means being able to make structural changes during construction, in order to truly have the house of our dreams as we have always imagined it. We can see it born, change your mind and move something, customize it down to the smallest detail.

Other times we buy a house from the builder already finished, ready made. And in this case, what is the advantage?

Simple: having a brand new house, which we certainly won’t have to renovate for several years, which requires minimal maintenance as it is of very new construction and, consequently, made up of the latest generation materials. We will have the certainty that we will have a house that complies with all the most recent building and urban planning regulations: we will not have to fear abuses or bureaucratic situations that need to be remedied.

We will also have the certainty of greater savings as, again thanks to the fact that it is newly built, we will have certain energy savings.

These are the advantages that immediately catch the eye, the most obvious ones.

But, buying a newly built house brings further advantages which, perhaps, not everyone knows: we have often heard of the risk of fraud, of advances given and never recovered in the event of bankruptcy of building companies, of pre-existing mortgages on buildings affixed by builder himself in order to access bank credits in order to complete the works whose deadlines are often not respected.

As anticipated at the beginning, today there are laws that protect the buyer who no longer runs the risk of finding himself without money and without a home. There are three most important innovations in this sector.

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